Mrs. U. Mathiventhan
B.Sc(Special). (Hons) (EUSL), M.Phil. (EUSL)
Senior Lecturer (Gr-1) in Botany
Department of Botany
Faculty of Science
Telephone: +94 65 2240757
Fax: +94 65 2240758
Mobile :+94 0776909446
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Educational Qualification

Qualification  Specialization  Awarding Institution Year
MPhil  Plant Biochemistry Eastern University Sri lanka(EUSL) 2011
Postgraduate certificate Advanced biochemistry part I Postgraduate Institute of Science, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka 2006
Certificate  Staff development course for probationary Lectures-2004  Staff Development Centre, University of Kelaniya  2004
BSC  BSc Hons in Botany-Second Class Upper Division Eastern University Sri lanka (EUSL) 2000

Working Experience (EUSL)

  1. Senior Lecturer Gr11 20-04-2011 from to date
  2. Lecturer Probationary from 28.04.2003 to 19.04.2011
  3. Temporary Assistant Lecturer from 5.07.2000 to 27.04.2003


  1. Reviewer of paper in African Journal of food science –Manuscript number-AJFS- 11.09.14-1209
  2. Reviewer of Manuscript (No: NSA/2015/01 ) For National symbosium of Faculty of Agriculture-2015
  3. Reviewer of Manuscript (No: NSA/2016/07) For National symbosium of Faculty of Agriculture-2016
  4. Reviewer of paper in Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology –Manuscrip number- JASFT-16-061

International publication- Full Papers

  1. Madhura, J, Arulnithy, K, Mathiventhan, U, Mathiventhan, T (2016) Yellow Oleander (Thevetia peruviana) Seed Poisoning (YOSP) in the Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka: Is related with Fruiting Season? International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences (IJRSB) Volume 4, Issue 8, August 2016, PP 8-13
  2. Umaramani M & Sivakanesan R (2015) Vitamin C content of commonly eaten green leafy vegetablesin fresh and under different storage conditions. Tropical Plant Research 2(3): 240–245]
  3. Mathiventhan, U., Sivaganeshan, R. and Mathiventhan, T. (2014). Identification, market availability and consumption of green leafy vegetables in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Tropical Plant Research, An International Journal (ISSN: 2349 – 1183). 1(2):
  4. Mathiventhan, U and Sivakaneshan, R (2013) Total Phenolic content and total antioxidant activity of sixteen commonly consumed green leafy vegetables stored under different conditions. European International journal of science and technology Vol.2 No.8 pp 123-131 (ISSN 2304-9693)

International publication- Abstract

  1. Mathiventhan, U., Sivakeneshan, R. and Mahendran, T. (2014). Vitamin C content and antioxidant values of green leafy vgetables predominantly consumed by Myocardial Ischemic patients in the Batticaloa district. Peradeniya University International Research Sessions. Proceedings. 18: p.228. (ISSN 1391-4111& ISBN 978-955-589-180-6)
  2. U Mathiventhan, R. Sivakeneshan and T. Mahendran (2013) Consumption pattern of Green Leafy vegetables by Myocardial Ischemic(MI) patients in Batticaloa and selection of the best vegetables based on the antioxidant properties. Abstract International conference of Eastern University, Sri Lanka 2013 pp72

National publication- Full Papers

  1. Umaramani, P., Arasanilai, S. J. and Jayasingam, T. (2001), Preliminary investigation of storage quality of processed cashew apple by using locally available methods, first Annual Research Session (ARS) Selected papers, Eastern University. pp(62-72)
  2. Umaramani. P., Arasanilai, S. J. and Jayasingam, T. (2001), Storage potential of half ripened tomatoes using different packing, first Annual Research Session (ARS), Eastern University. pp(73-88 )

National publication- Abstract

  1. Umaramani, P., Arasanilai, S.J. and Jayasingam, T. (2001). Preliminary Investigation of storage quality of processed cashew apple by using locally available methods. Abstract. Annual Research Session (ARS 2001). Eastern University, Sri Lanka.p. p. 26
  2. Umaramani, P., Arasanila, S.J., Jayasingamm, T. (2001) Storage potential of half-ripen tomatoes using different packaging. Abstract. Annual Research Session (ARS 2001, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. p. 29-30.


  1. M Phil: Consumption pattern of leafy vegetables in Batticaloa district and the antioxidant capacity of some selected green leafy vegetables
  2. BSc: Preliminary investigation on improving storage quality of raw and processed fruits and vegetable (cashew & tomato) by using locally available methods
  3. Research report: Achievement of stable self –sufficiency in paddy production of Batticaloa-need a planned approach

  • Plant Biochemistry ( Photochemical ,Phytonutrients & Nutracuticals)
  • Plant Antioxidants
  • Edible and Medicinal plants

Under graduate

  • Plant Biochemistry (2003-todate)
  • Industrial Microbiology (2003-2008), (2016-2017)
  • Plant Physiology 2014-2017
  • Microbiology (Principles) 2011-2012
  • Biostatistics, ( 2003-2006)
  • Cell Physiology 2000-2001

Post Graduate

  • Functional Biology-2016

  • EUSL –Foreign Exposure AIT visit-2016
  • EUSL Research Grants in 2007

  • Head department of Botany ( From May 25th 2015 to date)
  • Member of Board of Study-External Degree programme Faculty of Science from 08/02/2016
  • Acting /Head department of Botany (April 25 2015 to May 24h 2015
  • Acting /Head department of Botany (3rd December 2014 to 2nd February 2015)
  • Coordinator of Career Guidance Programme / Faculty of Science with effect from September 2005 to March 2007.
  • Student Counsellor- Eastern University, Sri Lanka, for the period of one year with effect from August 2005 to August 2007.