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Master of Science in Science Education ( M.Sc.Ed)

The Faculty of Science, Eastern University, Sri Lanka (EUSL), has made a commitment to embark on a program to offer courses to students wishing to earn MSc in Science Education. In this scientific and technological age, an extremely high level of scientific literacy becomes necessary. The knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness of people in Science Education play vital and major role in the development of a country in general, the society in which he/she lives, in particular. As such, in line with the National Policy on education, the importance of science in schools is very vividly emphasized and has been made an essential component in the school curriculum. Science graduate teachers, educators, administrators, and curriculum specialists should have a broad knowledge of the ever increasing complexities of science and technology and need to be well equipped to instill an interest in science by way of excellent teaching and integrate scientific knowledge in a deep and meaningful way among students.

The MSc in Science Education is a full-time program. It is designed primarily for science teachers and educators who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in teaching of science and Professionally develop themselves in Science Education. The duration of the program is two semesters by coursework. This includes a general component and a special component, that may be one of the following four subject areas: Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, Physics Education additionally, practicals, a research project and a seminar are also included in the special component.

Medium of instruction of the program will be in English.


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